Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure in La Crosse, WI

There's nothing quite like a hot soak in a good shower, but these daily joys can be marred by broken or damaged shower enclosures. Whether you are installing a new shower in your La Crosse, WI, home, or you need to replace an old shower enclosure, Glass Service Center Inc has the products and services for you.

Glass and similar materials can be tricky to work with on your own, so you need a trained professional to properly install or repair your shower enclosures.  Fortunately, we are able to not only install but also custom create whatever glass solutions you require.

From Custom Mirrors to Shower Enclosures

No matter what type of bathroom you have or are planning, Glass Service Center Inc can fit your needs.  We offer custom mirror installations and can create or repair whatever shower enclosures you are dreaming about.

We can work with curved, laminated, and custom-cut glass.  We also deal in polycarbonate and acrylic plastics up to half-inch thickness for
sturdier shower jobs.  Trust us to create and install the perfect shower enclosures and/or mirrors for your home.

Excellence and Precision

As glass and plastic experts, we know the importance of a precise fit.  Shower enclosures that are too small will allow unwanted moisture and air into and out of your shower, while shower enclosures that are too big won'teven fit in the first place.  What our customers need and what they receive is the perfect installation of glass or plastic that fits their exact specifications.

Call Glass Service Center Inc today to discuss an estimate for the work you need done.  Our number is 1-800-657-4805.  We will come to your
home and perform all of the measurements required for your shower enclosure replacement or repair.

Trust us to expertly assist you with all of the glass installation, repair, and replacement projects that your La Crosse, WI, home will ever have.
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